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The Only All Nighter Ever?

Okay, it technically  wasn’t an all nighter, but gosh it felt like one! And it was definitely the most stressed night of my 19 year old life!

So, I just got done with exams today, and I’m so relived these past few weeks have been the most stressed weeks of law school. Now, to my ‘almost’ all nighter; My second paper was on the Law of Evidence and god, we had SO much to study! Way too much! And I really, really wanted to do well because I really, really like the teacher he’s so nice and cute, ugh! So a day before the exam, I was home by 2:00 PM after giving my first exam. And that morning I’d gotten up at 8:00 AM(yeah, yeah I know its not that early). Now starts my struggle with the stupid ass subject and no sleep and tension x 1000000.

At the end of the day, it was 1:00 AM and I was still awake with like half the portion left! What, is this hell or law school? Now the exam the next day was at 10:30, so I decided to get some shut eye at around  4:00 AM.( DO YOU GUYS SEE IT? I WAS AWAKE FROM 8 IN THE MORNING TO 4 THE NEXT MORNING) I had so officially lost my mind by then that I was staring at my textbook, and the only thoughts running through my head were ‘sex, sex, sex’ and I don’t even get why because you guys I haven’t even had my first kiss yet! So then I slept at 4:00 and I was up again at 7:00 AM. Wow, wow, I know! And as I told you my mind was officially dead, so instead of studying, my head was shamelessly counting the hours I’d been awake(way to go, brain!) So here are my flawless calculations: I WAS AWAKE FOR 20 HOURS OUT OF 23 HOURS YOU GUYS

Also, also, also, if you add my sleepless night the from the day before(for my CPC paper), I was awake at 7:00 AM on Sunday to 3:00 AM the next morning and then back up at 8:00 on the day of the paper, and thus:


I mind and my body and my health were officially gone and dead and I was gone and dead and I still had two exams left. But now I’m done and SO SO SO relieved, God!

Now, I know people do have actual all nighters, but I don’t get how? Like what, I need my sleep. I need my sleep like all day everyday! How do you guys stay up partying and drinking and stay up for exams and sleepovers, what? I can’t! My eyes don’t function and clearly my brain doesn’t function. So kudos to you great people to stay up all night!


Oh, oh but I have had one all nighter in my life! Yes, yes I have! It was my mom’s brother’s wedding in 2013 and Hindu weddings always happen at weird ass times, I swear to god. So his official wedding ceremony thing started at 4:00 in the morning and was over around 2 hours later but the night before was the whole celebration thing and dinner with guests and stuff, so my cousins and all of us were up all night!( cue one direction!)



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