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The Boy In The Elevator: Part II

When I wrote the first part, I never thought there would be a second part. I remember writing the first one and being extremely proud of myself. Yesterday, when I was re-reading it(yes, I do that!), I had a brilliant idea about a second part and thus here I am! Now obviously, you NEED to read the first part that I wrote last year to understand this second one, so here you go: The Boy In The Elevator (This is what I call shameless self publicity, high five!) 



She mentally cursed the watchman. Honestly, she attended this college everyday. He saw her everyday! Why did he have to ask her for her Id card today of all days? She groaned as she started emptying out the contents of her bag. She stole a glance at the clock on her phone. 8:07 AM. She hated being late for her favourite professor’s lecture.

When she finally handed him the required card with a triumphant look on her face, she heard a soft laugh next to her. She turned around sharply to see who it was. But it couldn’t be! It was him! It had been three months. How could it even be him? She just stood there, staring at him as he continued giggling at the mess she had made. She tried clearing her throat to get his attention but clearly her body wasn’t functioning like it ought to.

It was then he looked up. And when their eyes met, it was like two worlds had collided. No exaggeration. She saw the beautiful brown-eyed, former broken-handed stranger’s pupils widen and then saw his phone crash to the floor with a thud. None of them moved to pick it up, and then finally another kid passing by picked it up and gave it to them, breaking their eye contact. She shook her head and started throwing all her things into her bag. He just stood there watching her.

When she was done, she turned around and was surprised to see still him standing there. “I’m awfully late for class.”, she muttered as she started moving towards the elevator. “I’ll walk you to class.”, he announced. She had never realised how unbelievably slow the elevators at the university were. This one just refused to come down! The three minutes she spent waiting for it, were the longest three minutes of her life. None of them spoke a word, but she could silently feel his eyes running over her again and again. “I can feel you staring.”, she whispered, loud enough only for him. “Just like you were staring at me outside that conference room?”, he whispered back sending a jolt through her body.

As the elevator reached her floor, she practically raced out of the box. “Why didn’t you ask for my name?”, he asked loudly, following her. She shut her eyes, ignored him and continued walking ahead. She could still clearly remember it. All parts of it. The chemistry they’d had and the way when she was talking to him and she’d felt at home. But she also remembered the disappointment. “You could’ve asked for mine.”, she replied softly, without slowing down or turning to look at him. When he didn’t reply, she turned around. And he was nowhere to be seen.

She felt her heart panic. Had she lost the beautiful stranger again just because she was stubborn? Was this really happening to her? She looked around frantically for a minute or so, and then resigned herself to the fact that she was now definitely not going to see the beautiful stranger again. Three months, and she felt her heart getting crushed at the thought of losing him again. “I didn’t ask for yours because I felt it inappropriate.”, she turned around and saw him standing there, ever so beautiful, with two cups of coffee in his hand, and one outstretched towards her.

“I didn’t ask for yours because I saw your girlfriend.”, she spoke between sips of the warm coffee. He looked straight at her with those brown eyes and she felt more at home than ever. He gulped down the remaining bits of his coffee, opened his bag, removed a stray piece of paper, hastily scribbled something down and handed it to her without a single word. “You have a class to get to.”, he remarked as he took her empty cup from her hand. As he said those words, she zapped out of her trance, smiled slowly at him and watched as he started walking away. “I’ll see you around.”, he called out and she knew, she knew he was smiling that beautiful smile she found herself grinning at.

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