When Average Nights become Best Nights*

So ever since I’ve shifted to the hostel, my nightlife should be what an average 19 year old’s is, but well obviously no, my nightlife is this:







Yes, it’s nothing.
However, I do have a few college friends who force me to get out at night, sometimes. So yesterday, was one of those random days when I was forced out and my friends and I went out to this theatre + cafe place. Now, my college friends don’t believe very much in eating out, or doing anything at all. So all we do is waste time.

But guess what happened yesterday?
Have you guessed yet?

My college best friend and I were waiting for our other friends to show up (they shall be insignificant in this post), and well guess who we see? *drum rolls*    *some more drum rolls*

Kanan Gill is by far one of the hottest, and cutest, and adorablest, and funniest youtube in India. He’s a stand up comedian and every time he meets a fan he hugs them adorably and takes extremely cute pictures and makes you all mushy mushy inside! I KID NOT!
There are barely any people in India who do not know who Kanan Gill (if one of you reading this is clueless about him, I seriously judge thou)

So my friend and I died of excitement, so much so that we couldn’t even ask him for a photo! (yes, you should be cursing us!) But, but, but, guess who we see when we’re busy crying over the fact that we just saw Kanan Gill? KANAN GILL. Once we saw him inside again, my very and completely courageous friend went up and asked him for pictures. And being the adorable cutie he is, he agreed and took very, very cute pictures with us and we cried very much from inside.

Imagine if you meet some celebrity you lurve randomly? Wouldn’t you go mad and want to tell everyone? Wouldn’t you? And now tell me how you would feel if no one, not one person has the courtesy to share your excitement? Terrible, and horrible, yes. None of our friends cared that we just met and took cute pictures with the perfection that Kanan Gill is!  So we did the only thing you should expect us to. We fangirled by ourselves!
And needless to say, this was by far, the second best night of my life! ❤



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