McDonalds+Gay people?=Hell, yes!

A 90 second Taiwanese advertisement of McDonalds had gone viral a few weeks ago. The greatest part about this ad? Along with promoting coffee, it very openly promotes acceptance of all people(yes, mainly LGBT’s) alike.

The commercial shows a teen write “I like boys” on his cup and then turn it towards his father. His father gets off in what seems in anger, and walks away. As the boy sits with his head hung down, his father returns with a pen. And his response?
“I accept that you like boys.”

Though criticized heavily, it is indeed one of the most liberating advertisements to hit the internet in recent times. Keeping up with most of the people in the world, and their wide acceptance of LGBT’s all around the world, the advertisement is cute, and simple and completely adorable making you fall uncontrollably in love with it.

Go watch now!


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