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Little Bit of sharing

So it’s probably taken me a while but I’ve realized that I no longer have friends left that I share happy things with.
Like sure I have friends I fangirl with, friends I rant to about people, friends with whom I have hot boy talks but really not a single friend I can sit down and tell about something I’m genuinely happy with in life.

So I figured, since I am this happy and I want to really tell someone about it, how about I blog about it? None of my real life friends will ever see it, so where’s the harm? Here goes then:


As a kid, my childhood revolved around two sets of friends: Friends who stayed in the same building and friends who were kids of my dad’s colleagues. The second set are the friends I was probably more happy and cheerful with. Throughout our childhood, our parents hosted dinner parties in our house and they would get together with all of my dad’s colleagues and their families. The best part about these kids was that the elder kids in all the families were my age, and the younger ones were my brother’s age.
There was this one guy, let’s call him Ray. Ray was genuinely one of my closet friends as a kid. We were the same age, we had the same kind of annoying brothers and we loved each other’s company. Out of all the dinner party invitees, Ray was definitely my favourite. Even when we were going to one of these official parties, I’d wish for Ray to be there. I think he was definitely one of my favourite people in my childhood.

But then we grew up.

After 10th grade, Ray shifted and so did our friendship. But thank god our parents still remained friends and thank god for Facebook.

Around 15 minutes ago, I met Ray. He came over to my parents house with his parents and I’m not even kidding when I say, I was so glad to meet him. He was different from the Ray I knew. Way less shy, way, way more tall, and way more cute. But we talked effortlessly. I have to say, when I meet people after a long time, I’m all weird and awkward and I don’t even bother to try. But with him I wanted to try. And this was when I’ve met him after 4 years.

So basically, all I wanted to share was that I met someone who was very close to me after a very long time and I was very, very happy to meet him.

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