Road Trippin’ into 2016

So for New Year’s Eve this year, we went on a road trip! We(mother, father, brother and I), road tripped to this temple in Rajasthan(the state where I’m from). The best part about this trip? We road tripped with 26 other people from our extended family!

Now, I just have two cousins(and I miss them very, very, very much). But that’s not the case with mother. She has over 30 cousins, most of whom have grown up and have their own kids. So though brother and I just have 2 cousins, we have an army of second cousins! And thus we road tripped with our second cousins, and our grandparents, and our uncles(we call them mama here), our aunts(mami’s or mausi’s) and had the greatest time.



So that’s me on the extreme right corner, with the blue top, black trousers and green shoes 😀
The kiddy face right next to with with specs is my brother and this is our road trip family :’)


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