Week Four!: What to blog about

Hello everyone 😀
This is Week 4 of ateenagediaryonline’s BGTB project(it’s amazing I’m not even kidding) The topic for this week is What to blog about *drumrolls* I finally know what to write about! So here goes my post for this week:

When I first started out with my blog(9th grade), it was going to only consist of essays and stories and stuff like that. However, now I blog about anything and everything. And this can also be the case with you! Your blog can either have one specific topic you blog about(eg: A food blog), or you can blog just about things you love(music, literature, movies), or you can have a completely versatile blog and include everything under the sun(what you had for breakfast, an appreciation post about your best friend, guy problems, book reviews). Blogging ends up being really very easy if you blog about things you love and want to invest time in. Just because someone really famous has a blog about clothes, or shopping styles, doesn’t mean thats what YOU need. You might hate shopping and talking about clothes non-stop.
However, to help everyone there are so, so many different things you could post on your blog and these are a few of them:
1) Book/ movie/ tv show/ songs reviews, they go a long way because you’re bound to find someone online with similar interests.
2) If you’ve recently taken a vacation, describe it.
3) Talk about pizza!
4) Your plans for Christmas.

So, in the end you can blog about absolutely anything! There are a million great blogs online and it’s no shame to read their posts and try to inoculate those in your own blog. No one ever starts without actually reading something and getting an idea. I think, the main idea is to have fun and remember why you’re doing this(I’m doing this because I want to get internet famous, jk, I love writing!)



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