Week One!: An Intro to Blogging

This is my post for Ateenagediaryonline’s extremely awesome, awesome project! I’ve been really excited about this so I’m glad to finally have the chance to do it.

I was introduced to blogging in the 7th grade in school when our English Lit. textbook had blog posts of different authors as our course study. Though I have to admit, I did not like the idea of blogging at all at first. Why would anyone be bothered to read what you post on the internet? Why would anyone ever be interested in reading your story? When I reached the 9th grade, my best friend sent me the link to her own blog, and that was when my opinion completely changed. My best friend’s blog had everything! Poems and stories and personal experiences, and people were actually reading it! So that was when I started this blog, and I have loved every single bit of it. So I think if anyone is as prejudiced as I was against blogging, all you have to do is start one!

This project is amazeballs and for anyone who wants to do it, you should definitely go contact her!


12 thoughts on “Week One!: An Intro to Blogging

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