Supernatural Season 11 Premiere

Supernatural’s Season 11 premiered a few days ago and obviously I was very, very excited. The episode started right where Season 10 left off: Dean free off the Mark, The Darkness released into the world, and total chaos everywhere.

The episode started off as everyone expected it to. Neither Sam nor Dean knew what was going on, Cass, after being juiced on Rowena’s witchcraft goes berserk on Crowley and kills him. Or does he, really?

As Sam and Dean find out the destruction they’ve let lose onto the world because of releasing The Darkness, they make new allies and are forced to make rough decisions. By the end of the episode, they end up getting separated but not before Dean gets a tearful call from Cass saying goodbye (that part hurt the most).

Sadly, the episode leaves more questions than it gives answers and out of all the season premieres’s I’ve seen, the Season 11 premiere just leaves you confused and angry because it clearly does not answer the questions left by the previous season.


4 thoughts on “Supernatural Season 11 Premiere

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