The Book List-Part IV

It was about time I posted one of these again. Four more books I’ve read this year!

13) The Gray Mountain by John Grisham
This book will interest you right from the start. It’s brilliantly written and John Grisham makes the law so interesting. However, for me, the book did not end how I expected it to and I could honestly do with a few more chapters.

14) Go Set A Watchman by Harper Lee
*drumrolls* YES I’VE READ IT, and it’s genius! Waiting 50 years for Harper Lee to produce a stunner is worth everything in the world. Go Set A Watchman is written so well that you can’t put it down before finishing it off.

15) Sparkling Cyanide by Agatha Christie
So you probably know that Agatha Christie is my favourite author. This book, like all the others is gripping and kudos to you if you can guess the murderer before Hercule Poirot.

16) Silkworm by Robert Galbraith
In all honesty, the first 100-150 pages of this book really bored me. I had almost given up on the book when I reminded myself that you can’t give up on books. And the second half of the book kept me gripped like any other Agatha Christie book! JKR’s writing is simple and creative and the book is much more complex than it seems.


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