“Derek Is Dead”

Spoilers? I don’t think so, because honestly this episode aired over 19 weeks ago and everyone knows about it, it’s just I watched it yesterday because our TV just aired it.(India is slow, please understand)

This was honestly the worst death ever(But not worse than George O’Malley because he was my fav!) But still, it was devastating!
Derek Shepherd was the cutest, and the hottest and the most romantic man to ever walk on earth. Just after leaving his job, he tells Meredith, “I thought my job was everything. It’s not. You. You are everything.” And if this does not make you want to hug him and cry forever, I have no clue what does.

There was also that one time when he tells Meredith, “You’re the love of my life.”, and I maybe only 18 but I would die if I ever heard anyone say that.

Derek Shepherd was happiness and magic and everyone’s knight-in-shinning-whatever so I think if you’re a fan of Grey’s Anatomy or even if you just watch like one episode, Derek Shepherd’s death will hurt you in various impossible ways.



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