Missin’ Zayn Malik

It’s 25th of July, so it’s 5 months since Zayn Malik quit One Direction. When I think about it, I didn’t feel very upset for very long when he left. Maybe, just maybe because I didn’t like the bad as much as I did three years ago. But, I was heartbroken.

I haven’t seen them in concert, and probably never will, but Zayn Malik left, before I could even have a slight chance to see them. So, yes I was heartbroken. I have to admit I even cried for like five minutes.

When I was listening to one of their old songs and Zayn Malik was singing, I think I realized how bad I actually felt back then in March. My all time favourite band had lost one member and now I know I couldn’t deal with them losing another member or breaking up before I’m old enough to manage myself emotionally.



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