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Shivani is awesome;

No, this blog post does not talk about how awesome I am. Seriously. Not so self-obsessed after all.

So this post is about Shivani! She’s an amazing person and she has an even greater personality. She’s my actual internet friend, and she helped me through some problems last month, and I’m eternally grateful.

Also, she’s younger to me so going to her with my problems does seem a tiny miny bit unfair. But she’s so great and she doesn’t know how much she ended up helping me.

Honestly, I think everyone should become friends with her because I’m dead serious when I say people like her are rare. Thank you Shivani, keep being awesome!

She’s a blogger too and she has an amazing, amazing blog, so all you peeps go follow her!

8 thoughts on “Shivani is awesome;

  1. Oh my god this is so awesome!! Thank you so much. You’re basically like an elder sister to me and I really cannot comprehend how happy this post made me.

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