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Last day Friendship

To me, he was always the ‘cute guy’. Right till the first half of the day he was supposed to leave, he was the ‘cute guy’. It was that second half of the day that changed everything.

It was his last day at the internship and our boss decided to give him a little farewell and take all of us out for cupcakes. Before we all went out, my boss, ‘cute guy’ and I, we sat finishing the last bit of our work. It was probably the most fun I ever expected to have at work. We laughed, and joked and then when we went out for cupcakes, we had the greatest time.

So in a space of three and a half hours, he went from being ‘cute guy’ to someone I was joking with and laughing with.

And I think for that last day, we were more friends than I’ve ever been with anyone. Ever.

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