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Swimming is not just a sport

The following is an excerpt from an interview between a journalist and a blond haired adorable boy named Devon. Devon is 11 years old.

“So what is your favourite sport?”
“Football? Not swimming? I saw you swimming earlier.”
“No, swimming is fun, but football is my favourite sport.”
“And why so?”
“I watch football, I play football, I live through football.”
“How do you live through football?”
“I cry when the team I support loses out on a major trophy, I cry when we say goodbye to veteran players. And I celebrate when we achieve greatness.”
“And swimming? Why is that
not your favourite sport?”
“Because it’s not just a sport.”
“It’s more than a sport. It’s a feeling.”
“A feeling?”
“Yeah, when I dive into the water, I can instantly feel all my troubles wash away.”
“The pain I feel in my muscles from playing football also goes away the minute I take one lap in the pool.”
“That’s interesting. When did you start swimming?”
“When I was two years old. My dad taught me.”
“And football?”
“When I was five. I tried out for the school team.”
“So, football is your favourite sport? And swimming is-?”
“It’s my life.”

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