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6:45 AM

Hello everyone! I first posted this on my wattpad account, but for the first time I felt I had written something genuinely good, so here it goes šŸ˜€
(PS-This is the first and the last time I shall self praise, I promise!)

Quinton was literally running across the street to get to the subway station. He couldn’t afford to miss the 6:45 train. All the others always made him late. He heaved a sigh of relief as he managed to get in just before the doors shut.
He sat down just near the doors and pushed his earphones in. He sat listening to the the soft tunes of Coldplay’s Yellow. Suddenly the electricity in the whole train went off and the train halted with a thud. Quinton felt someone almost fall over his legs and helped the person stand up straight. “I’m so sorry!”, he heard a beautiful, extremelybeautiful British accent and looked up to see a brown haired boy staring down at him. “I’m Abraham.”, he grinned sitting down next to Quinton. And Quinton just stared at him. He was lost for words. This boy was stunning. He snapped out of his dream and extended his hand,”I’m Quinton.”, he whispered.
“So how long do you reckon we’ll be stuck here?”, Abraham asked. Quinton still couldn’t get himself to reply properly. And so he just shook his head in response. Abraham started humming to himself and Quinton looked towards him with surprise. It was Coldplay’s Yellow. This was it. This was Quinton’s chance to talk to him. “They’re my favourite.” Abraham looked up to look at him,”Coldplay.”, Quinton quickly explained. Abraham smiled at him,”Maybe when we get out of this train we can, you know, get together and listen to them.” Quinton was shocked by this. Was he really flirting with him? Quinton blushed very hard,”Okay”, he nodded smilingly.
The electrical team soon evacuated everyone and got them up to the station. Quinton turned around to look for Abraham and felt himself panicking when he couldn’t see him. “I’ll see you again soon, right?”, he spun around at the voice. Abraham stood behind him grinning with a piece of paper in his hand. Quinton smiled at him and took the paper. When he looked back up Abraham had disappeared but Quinton had his number and that was all that mattered.

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