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The Boy In the Elevator.

She stood yawning in the corner of the elevator. She despised early morning class. It was completely against the laws of nature. As the elevator conductor waited for the tiny box to fill up, she looked around to see who else was riding with her.

It was then she saw him. He had a broken hand tied up in a plaster covered with get well soon messages. She looked up to see one of the cutest faces she had seen in a very long time. He had beautiful brown eyes, beautiful to the extent that she couldn’t stop staring. He laughed as his friend riding with him shared some joke with him. She found herself grinning at his beautiful smile.

She sighed. She was never going to see this beautiful stranger again. As they reached the 6th floor, she expected he was going to get off(all the cute boys came from the management course of the university). And suddenly, the elevator halted with a loud thud and the whole box went black.

“Woah!”, she heard someone bang their head hard into hers as the elevator halted. For a moment, all she felt was dizziness and the feeling of her world blacking out. Then light hit her eyes and she struggled to stand up straight. “I’m so sorry! I did not see you there!”, she placed a hand on her head and slowly opened her eyes to see the brown-eyed, broken-handed stranger flashing his phone’s torch in her face. “Are you okay? My hand hit your head pretty hard.”, he looked at her with concern. “I’m fine. It’s no problem.”, she smiled weakly at him.

The elevator conductor announced that it would be half an hour before a technician reached them. She sighed and looked over at the watch on her wrist. “Dammit!”, she muttered. “What’s wrong?”, brown-eyed, broken-handed stranger asked her. “My exam starts in half an hour.”, she shook her head. He looked at her with empathy. “Missed few myself.”, he replied pointing to his broken hand. “How did that happen?”, and with that they were talking.

She found herself talking extremely comfortably with him. He would smile that wonderful smile and she could feel her insides melting. And then the half an hour was over. They were back in the open and he wished her a best of luck for her exam and headed off. For two whole minutes she just stood there. Taking in the beautiful stranger’s presence and his everything. That’s when it hit her. She had to know his name! She turned around the corner he had just gone, and felt her excitement levels rise when she saw him standing, looking so beautiful outside the conference room. She was that close to walking over to him when she saw a tall, pretty girl walk over to him and kiss him.

She held back tears and she didn’t even know why. She didn’t know this stranger! But as she turned around to walk away, she looked up one last time and could’ve sworn she saw him look right at her with tears and sadness.

7 thoughts on “The Boy In the Elevator.

  1. That’s a very interesting story 🙂
    There’s a typo at the before last paragraph though: “she could felt her insides melting” I think it should be “she could feel her insides melting” 🙂
    I like this blog a lot, especially the layout. One of the few blogs where I don’t even have to use the “Clearly” extension of Firefox 😉

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