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Just a number.
The number of days I approve of college(because I hate going on Saturdays).
My favourite season of Supernatural.
The number of years I’ve been a Barcelona fan.
The time I usually Skype my best friend.

Also, the number of years since I’ve had this really insignificant blog.
So I started it when I was 13(the name, obviously), and my main gigantic reason for this was because my best friend had a blog.
And believe me when I say, that girl is beyond genius.

So she had this brilliant blog, and I wanted one to. So I had one.
If you read anything here, you’d see the older posts are really, really old. They’re also written by a kid, so not some of my best work.

So here’s hoping my writing become’s better, and that it’ll keep becoming better, because what am I if I can’t write?

P.S-My best friend has always been my inspiration, so if you even a tiny miny bit like what I write, you’ve got to follow her blog. She isn’t the most regular blogger, but those stories are mind-freaking-blowing.

Here’s the link!

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