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We’re all just kids who grew up way too fast?

I have two cousins in all. Two elder sisters. But an army of second cousins on both my mum’s and my dad’s side.
I have always forever wanted an elder brother(I have a younger brother, I love him still because I’m awesome that way), one of my second cousins is an elder brother, two years elder to me.

Day before yesterday, my maternal grandfather’s brother passed away(he has five brothers in all). So, this was my mum’s uncle who passed away.

The last time I met him, was back in May 2014 when we attended his 50th Wedding Anniversary celebration. Out of all my second cousins on my mum’s side, I have two brothers. And he was both of theirs grandfather.

So I send messages asking them if they were fine and okay and how sorry I was about not being able to be with them.
And all I really wanted was to comfort them. Because I know what it felt like. My paternal grandfather passed away more than ten years ago.

But I couldn’t.

Mainly I think because we didn’t know each other well enough. I barely meet them once a year, and we hardly ever talk. So when we do meet, things are always awkward for the first few hours.

One of my aunt says we were great friends when we were kids. And right now I wish I could be there comforting them and not attending the hell of a college I’m in.

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